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    Exploring age and growth dynamics of a historically overfished Sub-Antarctic fish species: The grey rockcod (Lepidonotothen squamifrons) in the vicinity of Heard Island and McDonald Island

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    D. Maschette, D.C. Welsford and C. Gardner (Australia)
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    Dr Dirk Welsford (Australia)

    The grey rockcod (Lepidonotothen squamifrons) was fished to commercial extinction on the Kerguelen Plateau by unregulated fishing during the 1970s/80s. Since the mid-1990s little work has been performed to assess the status of this species within the Heard Island and McDonald Island region (CCAMLR Division 58.5.2). This study has updated a range of biological parameters such as growth, maturity, condition, selectivity and age structure. Using otoliths, maximum age estimates have increased by 5 years to 24. Through the mapping of abundances the presence of three distinct geographical populations were elucidated for the first time.