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    Continuation of multi-Member research on the Dissostichus eleginoides exploratory fishery in 2017/18 in Division 58.4.3a by France and Japan

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    Delegations of France and Japan
    Submitted By:
    Dr Jean-Baptiste Lecomte (France)
    Approved By:
    Dr Marc Eléaume (France)

    In Division 58.4.3a, since 2012, research fishing has been conducted in the research block by two vessels using longline: “Shinsei Maru No. 3” (Japan) and the “Saint André” (France). The catch limit for Dissostichus spp. is 32 tonnes in 2014/2015 and the total reported catch up was 16.3 tonnes. For the season (2015/16), the catch limit was unchanged (32 tonnes) but no catch up was reported due to engine damage for the French vessel and no fishing activity in the area for the Japanese vessel. For 2017, one vessel from France visited Division 58.4.3a for a catch of 1.68 tonnes. The Japanese-flagged vessel did not undertake fishing research activity in 2017. The first Franco-Japanese exploratory longline fishery research plan for Dissostichus spp. in Division 58.4.3a (WG-FSA-16/55) was presented to WG-FSA-16, which included research objectives, methods and milestones in accordance with Conservation Measure 41-06 and associated measures. In October 2016, the Scientific Committee agreed that the research plan is appropriate to achieve its objectives (SC-CAMLR-XXXV, para. 3.251), and recommended to carry on a couple of investigations for the following years (SC-CAMLR-XXXV, para. 3.250). France and Japan commonly notifies their intention to continue their exploratory fisheries in Division 58.4.3a over the coming years in order to contribute to the tagging program and to achieve a robust stock assessment. We present here a proposal for the continuation of the research plan as set out in WG-FSA-16/55, and taking into account the Scientific Committee’s recommendations.