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    Preliminary Results of a Bottom Trawl Survey Around Elephant Island in May/June 1986

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    K.-H. Kock (FRG)
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    Preliminary results of a bottom trawl survey around Elephant Island carried out fromboard RV "Polarstern" in May/June 1986 give some insight into spawning activities and changes in length compositions and biomass estimates in Notothenia rossii, N. gibberifrons, N. coriiceps neglecta,, Champsocephalus gunnari, Chaenocephalus aceratus and Chionodraco rastrospinosus. Spawning was only observed in N. c. neglecta, whereas very little or no spawning was evident for N. rossii, C. gunnari and Ch. aceratus. Peak spawning of N. c. neglecta is limited to only a few weeks. In populations of C. gunnari and Ch. rastrospinosus no major changes took place from February 1985 to May/June 1986.