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    A Comparison Between Age Determinations of the Antarctic Fish Notothenia gibberifrons Lönnberg Using Scales and Otoliths

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    R. Coggan (United Kingdom), K. Skora (Poland), A. Murray and M. White (United Kingdom)
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    Scales and otoliths were collected from 304 specimens of the Antarctic fish Notothenia gibberifrons. When interpreted separately, only 25% of scale and otolith readings agreed. When a scale and otolith from a single simultaneously, 75% of readings agreed. of otolith readings changed between specimen were interpreted 60% of scale readings and 30% separate and simultaneous interpretations. Estimates of age tend to be lower when made from scales. Predictions of yield per recruit utilising age data derived from scales are approximately 30% greater than predictions utilising age data derived from otoliths.

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