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    Course of fisheries in the Lena Bank area (Division 58.4.4) in the season of 1990-91

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    A.K. Zaitsev (Ukraine)
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    In the season of 1990/1991, fishing operations in subarea 58.4.4. (Lena Bank) wer4e carried out by only one vessel - RTMA ZVEZDA KRYMA in April-June 1991. The total harvest in that period made 971 t of grey rockcod Notothenia squamifrons and 29 t of Patagonian toothfish Dissostichus eleginoides. The real catch excels the data in the Statistical Bulletin… nearly two-fold. In this connection it is necessary to update the relevant documents.
    The size-age composition of catches did not suffer significant changes. The mean fish age made 7.0 years. Interannual fluctuations in size-age composition of populations are rather connected with the quality and period of sampling than reflect objective changes in populational structure of the species.