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    Tendencias de la biomasa de Dissostichus eleginoides (Smitt, 1898) en la Subarea 48.3 (1992–1997)

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    Moreno, C.A., Rubilar, P.S., Zuleta, A., Young, Z.
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    The stock assesment of Dissostichus eleginoides from the subarea 48.3, between the split years 1992 to 1997, was estimated using the Sequential Population Analysis (SPA) model based in the catch at age data. The model was tunned by the standarized CPUE. For this last process GLlM was used and for the aplication of SPA the non-lineal function of Solver in Excel was used. The results show descent trends in Total, Fishable and the Spawning Biomass. This last part of the population is actually (1997) very close to the 20% of the initial (1992) spawning biomass. An aproximation of the future TAC was made using the Thompson and Bell model of yield per recruits.