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    On observations of ectoparasites of icefish Champsocephalus gunnari in Subarea 48.3 in March 1999

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    V.L. Senioukov (Russia)
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    In February-March 1999, a Russian fishing vessel "Zakhar Sorokin" carried out fishery for Champsocephalus gunnari in CCAMLR subarea 48.3. During the processing of catches taken in the area of the northwestern slope, two species of parasites were revealed: copepod Eubrachiella antarctica and leech Trulliobdella capitis Brinkman, 1948. Statistical data collected during examination of more than 3.000 specimens of icefish has shown that the average infestation of fish with copepods constituted 24.4% and with leeches - 18.5 %.