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    Working Group on Incidental Mortality Associated with Fishing
    Hobart, Australia
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    Monday, 26 September 2022 - 09:00 Australia/Hobart (Working Group Paper)

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      Preliminary Agenda

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      1     Opening of the meeting

      The meeting will start with an introduction by the Working Group Co-conveners and inform delegates of administrative, technical and organisational matters.

      2     Adoption of the agenda

      Procedural agenda item. The annotated agenda has been prepared to assist meeting attendees in identifying which papers are planned to be discussed under individual agenda items. Once the agenda is adopted, rapporteurs and subgroups for the consideration of particular issues will be appointed.

      3     Review of incidental mortality in CCAMLR fisheries

      The Working Group will review the data on incidental mortality of marine mammals and seabirds, with emphasis on the period 2011 to 2022 during the absence of WG-IMAF .

      4     Marine mammal incidental mortality
      4.1     Population status of marine mammals in the CAMLR Convention Area

      Update on population status and trends for species occurring in the CAMLR Convention Area.

      4.2     Incidental mortality and risk assessments of marine mammals in CCAMLR fisheries
      4.2.1     Review of whale entanglement information

      The Co-conveners will introduce the recent humpback whale by-catch issues, and refer to outcomes from the intersessional actions to engage with IWC during 2022.

      4.2.2     Review of recent high rates of seal by-catch reported

      The Co-conveners will refer to recent seal by-catch events reported and discuss actions to better understand causes leading to these high rates and ways to mitigate the mortality.

      4.3     Mitigation methods for marine mammals

      Review of mitigation methods to reduce the incidental mortality of pinnipeds and cetaceans. The Working Group also will give consideration to the development of move-on rules or avoidance techniques in the krill fishery, and the design of marine mammal exclusion devices.

      4.4     Advice to the Scientific Committee regarding marine mammals and CCAMLR fisheries

      Generate the advice to the Scientific Committee in relevant matters under this agenda item.

      5     Seabird incidental mortality
      5.1     Population status of seabird species in the CAMLR Convention Area

      Update on population status and trends for species occurring in or adjacent to the CAMLR Convention Area.

      5.2     Seabird incidental mortality and risk assessments in CCAMLR fisheries

      Discussion on emerging issues of seabird by-catch in CCAMLR fisheries. Consideration of a standard method for the extrapolation from incidental mortalities and warp/cable strikes to estimate total interactions and mortality numbers, accounting for differences between fishing methods, hauling/setting versus trawling period, time of day and season.

      5.3     Mitigation methods for seabirds
      5.3.1     Review of net monitoring cable trial

      Consideration of bird strike trials and provision of guidance on warp/cable strike counts by observers, as well as discussion on mitigation measure designs to reduce bird strikes on trawl warps and net monitoring cables.

      5.4     Advice to the Scientific Committee regarding seabirds and CCAMLR fisheries

      Generate the advice to the Scientific Committee in relevant matters under this agenda item.

      6     Observer reports and data collection

      Discussion on matters related to data collection, observer protocols, needs and ways to refine data quality where needed.

      7     Collaboration with relevant organisations

      Following the recommendation by SC-CAMLR-40, collaboration with intergovernmental organisations (namely ACAP and IWC) and the fishing industry (COLTO, ARK) is expected. The Working Group will discuss modalities to maximise collaboration with these and other organisations (including relevant regional fisheries management organisations) to reduce the incidental mortality of seabirds and marine mammals in CCAMLR and neighbouring waters.

      8     Future intersessional work

      The Working Group will identify tasks to undertake during the intersessional period, and identify Working Group participants willing to contribute on particular tasks.

      9     Other business
      9.1     Review of Scientific Committee Strategic Plan

      The Working Group will review the Strategic Plan 2023–2027.

      9.2     Review of WG-IMAF terms of reference

      The Working Group will review current Working Group terms of reference and discuss the needs for updates or amendments, noting WG-IMAF is meeting after a 10-year break.

      10     Adoption of the report
      11     Close of the meeting.