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    Krill catch distribution in relation to predator colonies, 1987-1991

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    The distribution of krill catches in relation to predator colonies in Subareas 48.1 and 48.2 is shown. 74-90% of catches in Subarea 48.1 are taken within 100 km of predator colonies between December and March, and these are between 10 and 18% of the estimated total penguin consumption in this period. The pattern of fishing is very consistent in all years 1988-1991 in Subarea 48.1, but is more variable in Subarea 48.2 where 1989 and 1990 show highly mobile fishing patterns. 53-78% of total catches in Subarea 48.2 are taken within the ’critical period’ defined above, and these are between 2 and 45% of the estimated total penguin consumption. The largest catch taken in this critical period was 94 860 tonnes in Subarea 48.1, in 1989, and 88 139 tonnes in Subarea 48.2 (1991).