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    Some idea of numerical model for assessment of Euphausia superba biomass

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    M.J. Kishi and M. Naganobu (Japan)
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    A numerical model is being developed for assessment of Euphausia superba in Antarctic Ocean, which consists of:
    (1)calculation of three dimensional current field using CCSR version (developed by Dr. Yamanaka of Center of Climate System Research, University of Tokyo) of the three dimensional primitive equation for the ocean circulation developed originally at the GFDL, Princeton, NJ,
    (2)calculation of spatial distribution of DIN (Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen)
    (3)calculation of spatial distribution of DON (Dissolved Organic Nitrogen),
    (4)calculation of spatial distribution of Chl.a and
    (5)calculation of spatial distributiion of Euphausia superba.
    Our model will be capable of calculating the detailed spatial distribution of Euphausia superba by dividing the Antarctic Ocean into many grid points. It also takes into consideration the effects of fisheris.