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    Development of an algorithm designed to assess observer data quality and performance

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    Sarah Mackey (CCAMLR Secretariat)
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    As part of the Secretariat task to ensure the quality and consistency of the data arising from the CCAMLR SISO, an algorithm was designed to automatically import and check data entered by observers in their logbooks. A first version of the algorithm was tested on four randomly selected longline fishery logbooks. In its current version the algorithm is able to detect and report invalid data formats, as well as value inconsistencies through a limited set of logical tests. For each logbook inspected, a text report indicating the locations of faulty entries, a set of figures to display length and weight of toothfish, and, an overall data entry quality score, are automatically generated. The first results highlighted some recurring issues, such as the addition of rows or columns of data within worksheets, which displaces data and results in the importation of the wrong data by the algorithm and invalidates automated data processing routines.