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    Title Location Date(s) Report
    WG-SAM-2022 Online to
    WG-SAM-2021 Online to e-sc-40-a5.pdf (378.25 KB)
    WG-SAM-2020 Kochi, India Postponed
    WG-SAM-2019 Concarneau, France to e-sc-38-a4.pdf (276.59 KB)
    WG-SAM-18 Norwich, UK to e-sc-xxxvii-a6.pdf (770.35 KB)
    WG-SAM-17 Buenos Aires, Argentina to e-sc-xxxvi-a05.pdf (975.51 KB)
    WG-SAM-16 Genoa, Italy to e-sc-xxxv-a05.pdf (301.9 KB)
    WG-SAM-15 Warsaw, Poland to e-sc-xxxiv-a5.pdf (797.1 KB)
    WG-SAM-14 Punta Arenas, Chile to e-sc-xxxiii-a5.pdf (205.23 KB)
    WG-SAM-13 Bremerhaven, Germany to e-sc-xxxii-a04.pdf (256.47 KB)
    WG-SAM-12 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain to e-sc-xxxi-a05.pdf (263.16 KB)
    WG-SAM-11 Busan, Republic of Korea to e-sc-xxx-a05.pdf (967.62 KB)
    WG-SAM-10 Cape Town, South Africa to e-sc-xxix-a4.pdf (92.41 KB)
    WG-SAM-09 Bergen, Norway to e-sc-xxviii-a6.pdf (186.57 KB)
    WG-SAM-08 St Petersburg, Russia to e-sc-xxvii-a7.pdf (259.32 KB)
    WG-SAM-07 Christchurch, New Zealand to e-sc-xxvi-a7.pdf (450.09 KB)
    WG-FSA-SAM-06 Walvis Bay, Namibia to
    WG-FSA-SAM-05 Yokohama, Japan to
    WG-FSA-SAM-04 Siena, Italy to
    WG-FSA-SAM-03 London, UK to

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