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    Research plan for toothfish in Division 58.4.4 b by Shinsei maru No. 3 in 2015/16

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    Delegation of Japan
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    Ms Chika Fukugama (Japan)

    In this document, we revise stock status assessments of D. eleginoides in research blocks 58.4.4b_1 and 58.4.4b_2 using CPUE analogy method, Petersen method and CASAL model. Detailed results using CASAL models in research block 58.4.4b_1 are described in a separated document.
    The estimated stock size in block 58.4.4b_1 was 597, 336 and 553 tonnes in CPUE analogy method, Petersen method and CASAL OB_1b model (vulnerable biomass in 2014), respectively.

    The stock sizes of D. eleginoides in block 58.4.4b_2 is estimated at 648 tonnes only by using CPUE method, as the catch and tagging data in block 58.4.4b_2 was not enough to be applied to Petersen method and CASAL models.

    We propose to continue the current research operation for the next fishing season with the same survey design and total sample size of 60 tonnes in order to further strengthen the stock assessments in the area.