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    Proposal to continue participation in the second year of the joint CCAMLR research survey to collect spatially stratified longline and bathymetric data in 88.2_A and 88.2_B in 2015/16

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    Delegation of the United Kingdom
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    Dr Chris Darby

    Toothfish in SSRUs 882.A–B are currently managed as part of the Ross Sea region stock, but the stock structure and fish movement patterns are uncertain and more information is required for the management across all of the region. Recognising this requirement, the Scientific Committee endorsed two years of spatially stratified longline surveys in the northern region of SSRUs 88.2A–B (SC-CAMLR XXXII, paragraph 3.76 (iv-c)). A multi-year, multi-Member research program was therefore established to map and sample the fishable areas of SSRUs 88.2 A–B north of 66° S latitude. Following its successful completion of the first part of the two year survey, this paper presents the details of the vessel that will conduct the second year of research during the 2015/16 season and summarises the research plan, previously agreed at CCAMLR XXXIII.