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    Progress report on the Korean research fishing by longline fishery for Dissostichus spp. in Subarea 88.3 in 2016/17 season

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    S.-G. Choi, J. Lee, J. Lee and D. An
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    Dr Seok-Gwan Choi (Korea, Republic of)
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    Dr Seok-Gwan Choi (Korea, Republic of)

    Korean research fishing was conducted in Subarea 88.3 from 11 January 2017 to 7 March 2017 in 2016/17 fishing season. The total number of fishing days are 38 of 56 days stayed in the fishing grounds. The total catch of D. mawsoni was 118,220 kg with 4,132 individuals, and their CPUE recorded 0.21 kg/hook. 957 individuals of D. mawsoni were tagged and released. Tagging rate and tag overlap statistics in Subarea 88.3 were 5.04 and 88%, respectively. Length frequency of D. mawsoni had a single mode of 150 cm range. The maturity of D. mawsoni dominated in stage 2 with 84.6 % of female and 73.1% of male during the survey period. To get biological information of species in detail, otolith, stomach contents, gonad and muscle were collected from each individual of D. mawsoni. We also collected temperature and salinity using CTD at 12 stations.