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    Proposal to continue the time series of research surveys to monitor abundance of Antarctic toothfish in the southern Ross Sea, 2018–2022

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    S.M. Hanchet, K. Large, S.J. Parker, S. Mormede and A. Dunn
    Submitted By:
    Mr Alistair Dunn (New Zealand)
    Approved By:
    Mr Alistair Dunn (New Zealand)

    This paper proposes to continue the Ross Sea shelf toothfish survey for the next five years, 2018–2022. The first objective of the survey is to monitor toothfish recruitment in the southern Ross Sea (core strata). This is a continuation of the yearly time series of research surveys of these strata carried out since 2012. It is important to continue the time series as the data collected provide essential input to the stock assessment to estimate year class strength which is used to inform management decisions. The second objective is to monitor trends in larger (large sub-adult and adult) toothfish abundance in alternate years in McMurdo Sound and Terra Nova Bay where toothfish may form an important part of the diet of Type C killer whales and Weddell seals. The third objective is to collect and analyse a wide range of data and samples from these areas (e.g. benthic invertebrates, stomach and tissue samples, and acoustic data). Both objectives two and three are specified as high priority research topics in the research and monitoring plan for the Ross Sea region MPA. The survey design will remain consistent with previous years. Different catch limits are requested on alternate year to account for the different catch rates in McMurdo Sound and Terra Nova Bay. The results of each survey and trends in the time series will be presented to WG-FSA for review each year and the results included in the stock assessment. A full review will be completed and presented to WG-SAM, WG-EMM, and WG-FSA in 2022.