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    Do krill and salp compete? Contrary evidence from the krill fisheries

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    WS-AREA 48-98/4 Rev. 1
    S. Kawaguchi (Japan), W.K. de la Mare (Australia), T. Ichii and M. Naganobu (Japan)
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    Salp by-catch and krill discolouration ('green' krill) caused by active feeding on phytoplankton were analysed using logbook data from Japanese krill trawlers operating near the Antarctic Peninsula. Interannual and seasonal variability of the timing, duration and intensity of salp blooms and the presence of green krill were analysed. No relationship between salp density and the proportion of green krill in the catches was evident when both salps and krill were taken together. In the Livingston Island area, the proportion of green krill was high only when salp density was extremely low. However, no clear relationship was observed in the Elephant Island area. Possible reasons for these phenomena are discussed.

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