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    Krill Fishery Observer Workshop
    Shanghai, People's Republic of China
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    Meeting End Date/Time:
    Submissions Due
    Wednesday, 5 July 2023 - 09:00 Australia/Hobart (Working Group Paper)

      Preliminary Agenda

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      1     Opening of the meeting

      The Co-conveners will welcome participants, review the terms of reference for the workshop, agree the agenda, and outline priorities and anticipated outputs from the workshop. The Co-conveners will also provide an overview of local facilities, internet access and any exciting extracurricular activities. The Secretariat will assist with use of the meeting website and development of the report.

      2     Review of the development of data sampling protocols by the Scientific Committee and its working groups

      The Co-conveners will summarise the current advice on observer data sampling protocols from the Scientific Committee and its working groups for review and consider future needs for observer data identified by the Scientific Committee for advancing krill science and management.

      3     Management of appropriate workload

      Provide a forum for observers to share experiences on how to conduct the needed sampling for CCAMLR while managing an appropriate workload. The Workshop will also identify issues that remain to be addressed.

      4     Refinement of sampling and reporting protocols

      The Workshop will discuss practical ways to further develop sampling and reporting activities and protocols to address the Scientific Committee and its working groups’ advice, whilst considering observer workloads.

      5     Training materials for krill sex determination and length measurement

      The workshop will develop a guide to biological sampling of krill to standardise the methods across Members and vessels.

      6     Advice to the Scientific Committee and its working groups

      The Workshop will develop advice on krill observer data collection.

      7     Adoption of the report and close of the meeting

      The workshop will adopt a report for review by WG-FSA.