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    Ross Sea region MPA Research and Monitoring Plan Workshop
    Rome, Italy
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    Submissions Due
    Wednesday, 12 April 2017 - 00:00 Australia/Hobart (Working Group Paper)


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      1     Introduction to the workshop

      The Co-conveners will welcome participants and provide an overview of the available  support facilities and the objectives for the workshop.

      The terms of reference for the workshop are to prepare a Ross Sea region MPA Research and Monitoring Plan (RMP) for consideration by the Scientific Committee and its working groups and introduction to the Commission in 2017, by:

      Identifying research activities required to deliver, over the period that the Ross Sea region MPA remains in force, the scientific knowledge sufficient to allow the Scientific Committee to evaluate results arising from research and monitoring activities and provide advice to the Commission, in accordance with paragraphs 17 and 18 of CM 91-05.

      Proposing revisions, if appropriate, to the priority elements of the RMP identified in Annex 91-05/C.

      Providing advice for evaluating the effectiveness of the Ross Sea region MPA, including establishing a timeline to collect baseline data and identifying indicators and parameters needed to determine the degrees to which the specific objectives of the MPA are being achieved.

      Summarising opportunities to update and extend existing scientific research and potential opportunities for collaborative research relevant to the RSRMPA.

      Developing a work plan to ensure ongoing review of the RMP so that it remains current and relevant.

      The two major outputs from the workshop will be:

      1. a Conveners’ Report to provide a brief summary of the discussion and presentations given at the workshop, and would reflect any comments or points of view from the workshop  that may need to be considered at CCAMLR's working groups or Scientific Committee meetings
      2. a draft RMP that is based on the discussions at the workshop.
      2     Review of Annex 91-05/C and requirements for scientific advice related to the RSRMPA
      3     Reviews of papers submitted to the workshop and ongoing research and monitoring that can be leveraged in support of the RSRMPA
      4     Research and monitoring to assess whether the MPA is protecting an adequate proportion of all benthic and pelagic environments in the Ross Sea region
      5     Research and monitoring to assess the extent to which threats to the achievement of Article II.3 of the CAMLR Convention and the specific objectives of the RSRMPA are being effectively avoided or mitigated by the MPA
      6     Research and monitoring to understand the effects of fishing, environmental variability and climate change on Antarctic marine living resources
      7     Strategies and mechanisms to promote collaboration and data sharing
      8     Close of the workshop.