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    Tagging and recapture protocols for skates in the Ross Sea region

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    S. Parker, B. Finucci and M. Francis
    Presentado por:
    Mr Nathan Walker (Nueva Zelandia)
    Aprobado por:
    Mr Nathan Walker (Nueva Zelandia)
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    A programme was implemented in the 2019/20 fishing season in the Ross Sea region to tag and release skates for population size estimation and to validate the thorn ageing method for Antarctic starry skate (Amblyraja georgiana). Skate tagging is required under CM 41-01 in the 2020/21 fishing season as well. Skates that were tagged and released in the 2019/20 season on NZL, AUS, and GBR vessels were also injected with either oxytetracycline hydrochloride or strontium chloride in order to validate age marks incorporated into the caudal thorns. In 2020/21 (and future years), skates recaptured on all vessels in the Ross Sea region should be biologically sampled and a selection of caudal thorns removed and frozen, and returned to NIWA, Wellington for subsequent laboratory analysis.