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    Feasibility of establishing limits on use of continuous fishing system for the krill fishery in the Area 48

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    Delegation of Ukraine
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    Dr Kostiantyn Demianenko (Ucrania)

    Last 15 years (since 2005) a total catch of Antarctic krill in the Subarea 48 was sustainably increasing, remaining, however, under the trigger level of 620 000 tons. Analysis of the catch data shows that an intensity of krill fishing was slightly growing with use of traditional (conventional) trawls (krill catch by conventional trawls in 2019 is up to 46% higher than such catch in 2008), and the growing was much more significant in part of use of the continuous fishing system (a value of krill catch in 2019 with use of the continuous fishing system was registered at the level 460% of the such value in 2008).

    Taking into account a step by step expansion of the continuous fishing system in the CCAMLR area, which can be considered as a strong factor for possible degradation of krill fishery by traditional (conventional) trawls, there is proposed to the WG-EMM-2020 to consider an applying a limitation to the continuous fishing system fishery within the Area 48, establishing that only up to 70% of the total allowable krill catch can be harvested with the continuous fishing system.