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    Analysis of operating conditions of the fishing vessel in relation to the distribution, biological state and behaviour of Antarctic krill (a contribution to the development of a simulation model)

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    The paper considers peculiarities of krill fishery conducted by a krill fishering and processing vessel producting krill meat. The vessel operated in the Commonwealth Sea, the Cosmonaut Sea and in twi Scotia Sea areas (off South Orkneys and off South Georgia) from February to June 1988. In all four areas the average catch per hour was maintained at the same level of 5-8 t to permit full utilisation of raw krill for processing. The catsh size was regulated by varying haul duration on yhe basis on echo recordings. Changrs of fishing areas were sometimes caused by weather conditions but yhe chif cause was tthe size composition of krill in the catches. Preference was given to larger krill. The density of krill in aggragtions usually remained at a high level and was a less important cause of area changes.