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    Variation of ice edge position in western part of Atlantic sector of the Antarctic

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    Satellite imagery of the pack ice edge position in western part of the Atlantic sector of the Antarctic derived on each tenday period basis has been used to analyse its spatial and temporal variation in the area between 65° and 20°W. Amplitude of the seasonal variation of the ice edge position was found to increase from the west to the east. Described is two-year cyclicity of consecutive change of positive and negative anomalies in ice conditions in winter and summer. Velocities of retreat and distribution of the ice edge were calculated for various meridians. Compared to the thirties, the means ice edge position was observed to shift over the current decade to the south to the Scotia Sea in winter, and to the west to the Weddell Sea in summer. 6-7 year cyclicity in the ice edge position is argumented in year to year aspect. Dependencies between dates of ice retreat from the South Orkneys and South Shetlands Islands and the ice edge position during the preceding months have been established. Dependencies are approximately by a linear function and can be used to forecast the dates of ice retreat form the islands.