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    Data on krill, Euphausia superba Dana, consumption by coastal fishes in Division 58.4.2 (Kosmonavtov and Sodruzhestva Seas)

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    Basing on the materials of complex study of the Kosmonavtov and Sodruzhestva Seas ecosystems, draft calculations were done to determine the E.superba consumption by near-bottom - pelagic fishes as its main consumers in the above areas.
    According to the data of trawlings in the depth range of 100-500 m in the area between 30 and 80°E, the total fish stock was evaluated to be 551.300 t. Seasonal (December-April) E.superba consumption by these fishes made 960.000 t.
    The data are given on E.superba consumption not only for the region of the Kosmonavtov and Sodruzhestva Seas as a whole, but at different locations also.
    Proceeding form the total E.superba biomass assessment in the research areas, the coastal fish diet may make up to 9-18% of annual production of this crustacean.