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    Comité Permanente de Ejecución y Cumplimiento
    Hobart, Australia
    Fecha y hora del inicio de la reunión:
    Fecha y hora del fin de la reunión:
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    s-cc-xxviii-a5.pdf (130.44 KB)


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      1     Opening of meeting
      1.1     Adoption of agenda
      1.3     Review of submitted papers, reports and other presentations
      2     Review of compliance and implementation-related measures and policies
      2.2     Compliance evaluation procedure
      2.3     Proposals for new and revised measures
      3     IUU fishing in Convention Area
      3.2     IUU Vessel Lists
      4     Catch Documentation Scheme (CDS)
      5     Scheme of International Scientific Observation
      6     Advice from the Scientific Committee
      8     Other business
      9     Advice to the Commission
      10     Advice to SCAF
      11     Adoption of report
      12     Close of meeting
      7     Performance Review