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    Distribution of krill as a fraction of Antarctic zooplankton within the South Sandwich Islands area in summer 2000

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    S.M. Kasatkina and A.P. Malyshko (Russia)
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    The paper covers the-results of an acoustic estimation of distribution for krill and non-krill zooplankton within the area of South Sandwich Islands that has been obtained with multy-frequencies algorithms according to the data on survey by Russian vessel ATLANTIDA under CCAMLR Survey-2000. Distribution of acoustic characteristics for krill and non-krill fractions of antarctic zooplankton has been compared. It has been showed that within the field locations occupied by waters of the Weddell Sea and Frontal Zone of Weddell Gyral the bulk of zooplankton had been made of krill, while non-krill fraction dominated in water masses of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current.