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    Distribution of the Soviet fishing fleet and catches (CPUE) in Subdivision 48.3 during 1986–1990

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    WG-EMM-02/63 Rev. 1
    V.A. Sushin, P.C. Gasiukov, A.V. Zimin and S.M. Kasatkina (Russia)
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    Analysis of the fishing fleet operation is one of preconditions of krill fishery small-scale management units determination. In this work the available data of haul by haul catch statistics for the Soviet krill fishery in subdivision 48.3 for 1986-1980 (15 thousand hauls) were analyzed. During the fishing season from April to September two basic fishing grounds with a quazi-stationary boundary between them located at 37-37 30’ W have been distinguished. These fishing grounds are formed along the outside periphery of the doubling off- Island current of anticyclone pattern at the points of this current contact with the Weddell sea water flow (the eastern ground) and the Antarctic circumpolar current (the western ground). Temporal-spatial variability of these grounds has been analyzed. The eastern fishing ground existed for a longer time period - basically from April to August, while the western ground - from August to September (in some years from June to September). The third fishing ground is distinguished in the area of underwater elevation formed by Shag Rocks in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current meander.
    On the basis of the materials presented some aspects of krill fishery and krill consuming animals interrelations were considered and the conclusion was made about possible baselessness of the hypothesis of competition between these species for krill resources.