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    A life table for female Antarctic fur seals breeding at Cape Shirreff, Livingston Island

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    M.E. Goebel, B.I. McDonald, J.D. Lipsky (USA), V.I. Vallejos, R.A. Vargas, O. Blank (Chile), D.P. Costa (USA) and N.J. Gales (Australia)
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    Mark-resight data were analysed for five cohorts (1997-2001) to estimate age-specific juvenile survival, age at first reproduction, and resight probabilities. Longitudinal histories of presence and pregnancy of adult females (aged by cementum annuli) were used to estimate age-specific survival and natality. Data on tagged juveniles were collected from 1998-2005 and for adult females from 2000-2005. These data are used to construct an age-dependent life table for female fur seals breeding at Cape Shirreff and to estimate net reproductive rate, mean generation time and the intrinsic rate of growth for the population.

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