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    Potential effects of UV-B on krill – experimental and genetic studies

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    S. Newman, S. Jarman, S. Nicol, D. Ritz, H. Marchant, N. Elliot and A. McMinn (Australia)
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    We irradiated captive juvenile Euphausia superba in the laboratory with lower than spring surface levels of ultraviolet-B, ultraviolet-A and photosynthetically active radiation, in order to examine their response in terms of mortality and generalised activity. Levels of photosynthetically active radiation 3–5 times below surface irradiance caused krill to die within a week, while animals in the dark survived. Addition of ultraviolet-B typical of depths up to 15 m were found to significantly accelerate mortality and lead to a drop in activity in all experiments. A drop in activity in krill exposed to ultraviolet-A wavelengths was evident without an increase in mortality. The protein content of animals from various treatments was found not to vary.