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    Some data on Antarctic toothfish Dissostichus mawsoni reproduction in the Ross Sea (Subarea 88.1) in the period
    from December 2002 to March 2003

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    V.G. Prutko and L.A. Lisovenko (Ukraine)
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    On the grounds of data analysis collected by one of the authors – Prutko V.G. in December, 2002-March, 2003 in Subarea 88.1, we determine Antarctic toothfish body length at maturity of 50% females -128-130 cm, males -117-120 cm.
    To estimate maturity stages of post-spawning individuals we suggest using double designation, and to control visual estimation of maturity stages number of different oocytes in Antarctic fish ovaries should be measured and calculated, in addition to histological investigations. Dynamics of gonadosomatic index in different periods and for different research areas is presented. Presence of Antarctic toothfish spawning concentrations in the northern part of the research area and presence of “exhausted” individuals are noted. On the basis of the proceeded data and analysis of literature information we came to the conclusion that strict limitation of Antarctic toothfish catch was necessary. Together with the limitation it is suggested paying maximum attention to investigate reproduction ability of the species in question. Brief program of such research is presented.