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    New data on Antarctic toothfish and some others by-catch fishes fecundity with gonads histological pictures from Ross Sea region and data on Patagonian toothfish from the Argentina Sea

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    V.G. Prutko and L.A. Lisovenko (Russia)
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    Results of samples’ processing fixed from Sub-area 88.1 in the 2003-2004 season aboard f/v «Yantar» operating in the Exploratory Fishery were presented.
    According to the results of investigation of oocytes’ size composition and histological researches of ovaries at different maturation level it was ascertained that intermittent oogenesis type and synchronic development of the nearest spawning oocytes portion is characteristic of Antarctic toothfish. Absolute calculated fecundity was about average 1 million eggs and relative one was about 25 eggs per 1 g of body weight.
    It was confirmed that the predominant part of pre-spawning individuals was concentrated over isolated sea mountains to the north of 70° S. It was demonstrated that some part of females participated in spawning not every season and missed spawning.
    Data on fecundity of some by-catch species are given. State of Patagonian toothfish gonads’ maturity in Argentina Sea in March, 2004 is discussed.