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    Review of research into seabird–fishery interactions

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    R. Alderman (New Zealand)
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    Research into seabird interactions with fisheries was reviewed. Only recent research (post 1990), and in relation to direct effects of fishing through fisheries mortalities was considered. The research was divided into five main groupings: a) estimation of bycatch; b) population estimation and modelling; c) foraging studies; d) molecular research; and e) management efficacy. Research on mitigation efficacy had been covered under a separate review (Bull, unpublished). The review was conducted to allow an assessment of the utility, current methodologies, and constraints of research into seabird biology and fishery interactions. Following from the findings of the review, recommendations were formulated by the review editorial panel (submitted separately to WG-FSA), to assist in the development of research plans for managing seabird mortalities and the effect of these on seabird population viability in New Zealand fisheries.