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    Species profile for Antarctic toothfish (Dissostichus mawsoni)

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    S.M. Hanchet (New Zealand)
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    A toothfish species profile, covering aspects of the biology, fisheries and stock assessment of both toothfish species was completed by Everson (2002). Aspects of the biology of D. mawsoni were summarised by Hanchet et al. (2003), whilst more recent research has been reported in background documents to WG-FSA. The aim of the current work was to collate and summarise existing biological data on D. mawsoni. The report focuses primarily on data collected from the Ross Sea fishery because this is where most of the work has been carried out, but data from the other areas and fisheries have been included when available. It is intended that this report form the basis of a species profile of D. mawsoni as requested at the 2005 CCAMLR meeting (SC-CAMLR XXIV).