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    Assessment of toothfish in Subarea 48.3, 2006

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    D.J. Agnew, R. Hillary, M. Belchier, J. Clark and J. Pearce (United Kingdom)
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    1. As requested by SAM-2006, we provide a reference assessment for toothfish in Subarea 48.3. We provide sensitivity runs that include revised maturity and catch weighted proportion at length data. We additionally provide a sensitivity run which examines uncertainty in IUU catches from 1995, as requested by the Joint Assessment Group.
    2. Also as requested by SAM-2006, we provide a review of CPUE trends and construct a model that uses age-based observations, specifically estimates of catches at age derived from otolith examination of a random sample of the catch.
    3. All the assessments suggest that the SSB is now at or close to 50% of its unexploited level. Simple MPD projections suggest that catches in the region 3300 – 3600 t would be consistent with CCAMLR decision rules.