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    Design of the used on Russian vessels Sparta and Chio Maru No. 3 bottom trot-line for toothfish fishing

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    I.G. Istomin, V.V. Akishin, V.A. Tatarnikov and I.I. Gordeev (Russia)
    Presentado por:
    Ms Doro Forck (Secretaría de la CCRVMA)

    This work is prepared in accordance with recommendation of 4.18 WG-SAM-12 about submitting of data on fishing gears` construction that was used on Russian longliners Sparta” and “Chio Maru №3”. The trotline of a special design that was used is formed of main floating line and fastened lines with hooks and weight. This design allows avoiding fish injuries outside the mouth cavity and catching of VME-organisms to a large extent, because at the presented design of a longline each line with a weight (“barandija”) has bunch of 5-10 snoods with hooks and length of a snood is 30-40 cm or sometimes less and when fish eats the bait and trying to get away making chaotic movements, it won`t be hooked by the body because of the shortened snood.