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    PiNT – a tool for renaming observer photographs at sea

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    N. Gasco, C. Chazeau, P. Tixier (France), C. Heinecken (South Africa), J. Clark and M. Soeffker (United Kingdom)
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    Mr Nicolas Gasco (Francia)

    Within the CCAMLR area, high quantities of images are collected by scientific observers at sea while performing the tasks outlined the Scheme on International Scientific Observation (SISO). These include photos of tags, cetaceans, birds and bird bands, fishing gear, or unusual and unidentified species. In order to maintain version control, to process and file the photographs efficiently, and to ensure compatibility and transferability between statistical subareas during different observer deployments, it is crucial to develop a common naming convention that allows to keep track of where, when, and on which vessel a picture was taken by whom, together with basic information on the picture content. This paper describes the naming convention discussed between MNHN, CapFish, MRAG and CEFAS and the development of a tool in Excel.