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    Informational report on the results of underwater video observation of benthic fauna during the toothfish survey in Subarea 48.1 by the Ukrainian vessel Calipso in 2021

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    P. Zabroda, L. Pshenichnov and D. Marichev
    Presentado por:
    Dr Kostiantyn Demianenko (Ucrania)
    Aprobado por:
    Mr Artem Ogorodnik (Ucrania)
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    In the second decade of February 2021, the Ukrainian longliner CALIPSO performed the research survey with the bottom longline in the northwestern part of the Weddell Sea (statistical subarea 48.1). The work was carried out in accordance with the research plan SC-CAMLR-39/BG/08. Ukraine went on the operations with deep-sea video camera to get the video data which was started on February 2020.

    During the survey at two longline stations in the Research block 48.1_2, a set of equipment for underwater video recording was attached to the fishing gear - underwater video recording system (referred to as UVS). In this way one 4.5 hours video footages were successfully recorded.

    Understanding the spatial and temporal distributions of fishes and other Antarctic ecosystem components is critical criteria of the conservation and ecosystem management. Here, we report on continuing a non-extractive method for the study of benthic wildlife, based on UVS.

    Together with the video recording, oceanological parameters (depth, temperature and salinity) were also recorded with the DST CTD.