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    Results from the Conversion Factor Survey conducted by the Secretariat in 2020, from Members’ vessels participating in CCAMLR toothfish fisheries

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    CCAMLR Secretariat
    Presentado por:
    Mr Isaac Forster (Secretaría de la CCRVMA)
    Aprobado por:
    Dr David Agnew (Secretaría de la CCRVMA)

    Results from the 2020 Conversion Factor Survey of Members’ vessels participating in CCAMLR toothfish fisheries, undertaken by the CCAMLR Secretariat, are presented in this paper. All Members reported that their vessels utilized the headed, gutted and tailed processing method, however no other product type was uniformly produced by Members or vessels. The provision of Conversion Factors by Members, and/or the calculation of Conversion Factors by vessel crews and observers, was highly variable. The Secretariat recommends a focus workshop topic on Conversion Factors be convened, in particular on the headed gutted and tailed processing method, as this may elucidate the causes of Conversion Factor variability.

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