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    Summary of the toothfish fishery and tagging program in the Amundsen Sea region (small-scale research units 882C–H) to 2020/21

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    A. Grüss, J. Devine and S. Parker
    Presentado por:
    Mr Nathan Walker (Nueva Zelandia)
    Aprobado por:
    Mr Nathan Walker (Nueva Zelandia)

    The Amundsen Sea region is operating under a research plan developed by the Scientific Committee in 2014 designed to provide data to support a two-area stock assessment model. The slope and shelf area within the Amundsen Sea (Small-Scale Research Units 882C-G) is showing improvements in tag recaptures within the four research blocks. However, the seamounts in the north (Small-Scale Research Unit 882H) have shown a lack of spatial representation within the seamount complex, decreasing catch limits, catches exceeding catch limits, and limited recapture data. Although age data are becoming available from other Members, there are no agreed criteria for aggregating age data among laboratories. We recommend that Members continue to make age data available and hold a workshop on age determination and aggregation of age data for Dissostichus spp., following the recommendation by WG-FSA-19 (SC-CAMLR 38, Annex 7, Paragraph 4.83).