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    Results of the net monitor trial season 3

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    Número de documento:
    S. Young, J. Moir Clark, J. Chapman, B. A. Krafft and A. Lowther
    Presentado por:
    Mr James Clark
    Aprobado por:
    Dr Bjørn Krafft (Noruega)

    This report presents the preliminary results of the 2021/22 season net monitoring cable (NMC) trials, representing the third season these trials have been undertaken. The rationale behind these trials has been presented in WG-FSA-2021/13 which outlined the reasons behind the original prohibition of NMCs in Conservation Measure (CM) 25-03 in 1991 and the changes in technology since then, that allow their introduction. These trials were put in place as a derogation to 25-03 so the impact on bird populations could be assessed over the potential benefits of reintroducing NMCs.