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    Report on the results of exploratory research fishing for crabs in Subarea 48.2 on board FV Tamango in the 2009/10 season

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    V.A. Bizikov and S.E. Anosov (Russia)

    Exploratory research voyage of F/V 'TAMANGO' proceeded from March, 23 to May, 8, 2010. Three areas were explored during the voyage: Patagonian shelf (Statistic Subarea 41.3.1), South Orkney Islands shelf (CCAMLR Subarea 48.2) and the North Scotia Ridge. Exploratory pot-line survey revealed no commercial concentrations of crabs on the South Orkney Islands shelf. However, commercial concentrations of king crabs were encountered in the area adjacent to CCAMLR area, on the North Scotia Ridge, at depths ranging from 600 m to 1400 m. Turkayi king crab (Lithodes turkayi) and stone king crab (Neolithodes diomedeae) were the main commercial crab species on the North Scotia Ridge. During the voyage, three species of king crabs were found on the Patagonian shelf: Lithodes santolla, Paralomis spinosissima и Paralomis Formosa. One species (Paralomis formosa) was found in waters around the South Orkney Islands. Four species of king crabs were found on the North Scotia Ridge: Lithodes confundens, Lithodes turkayi, Neolithodes diomedeae и Paralomis formosa.