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    Outline for year 3 of the 3-year longline survey to determine toothfish population connectivity between Subareas 48.2 and 48.4

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    M. Söffker and M. Belchier
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    Ms Kylie Bamford (Reino Unido)

    This paper outlines the specific research objectives and plan to achieve them for the third year of an agreed 3-year longline survey, in the wider context of connecting the recently undertaken surveys in Subarea 48.2 with the established fishery in Subarea 48.4. The overall research objectives include determining population connectivity between these Subareas, improving understanding of Dissostichus sp population structures in this region, and improving available data on bathymetry and associated distributions of benthic bycatch species. This plan includes a three-year data collection and two-year data analysis plan leading towards the development of a stock hypothesis for the eastern regions of 48.2 and southern regions of 48.4.