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    Full Name
    Working Group on Statistics, Assessments and Modelling
    Kochi, India
    Fecha y hora del inicio de la reunión:
    Fecha y hora del fin de la reunión:
    Plazo de presentación
    lunes, 12 junio, 2023 - 09:00 Australia/Hobart (Documento de grupo de trabajo)


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      1     Introduction
      1.1     Opening of the meeting
      1.2     Adoption of the Agenda
      2     Review of the terms of reference and workplan

      The Working Group will review the Terms of Reference (See SC-CAMLR-41, Annex 10 and the workplan set out in SC-CAMLR-41, Table 6).

      3     Development of methods to estimate biomass for krill
      3.1     Data collection needs and standards
      3.1.1     Effective sampling to estimate length frequency distribution
      4     Develop stock assessments to implement decision rules for krill
      4.1     Development of integrated stock assessment for krill
      5     Develop methods to estimate biomass for finfish
      5.1     Research plan design
      5.1.1     Gear standardisation effects on toothfish tagging program
      5.1.2     Development of toolbox for research plan design
      5.2     Data collection needs
      5.2.1     Develop protocol for toothfish conversion factor sampling
      5.2.2     Tag recapture reconciliation issues
      6     Develop stock assessments to implement decision rules for finfish
      6.1     Develop new methods for stock assessments
      6.2     Draft integrated stock assessments in Casal2
      6.3     Trend analysis rule development
      6.4     Diagnostic summaries of stock status
      7     Management strategy evaluations for target species
      7.1     Evaluation of the CCAMLR decision rules and potential alternative harvest control rules for assessed fisheries
      7.1.1     Development of an operating model
      7.1.2     Management strategy evaluation (MSE)     Develop operating model for data-limited toothfish fisheries
      8     Review of new research proposals
      8.1     New proposals under CM 21-02
      8.2     New proposals under CM 24-01
      9     Review of ongoing research plan results and proposals
      9.1     Research results and proposals from Area 48
      9.2     Research results and proposals from Area 58
      9.3     Research results and proposals from Area 88
      10     Ecosystem monitoring
      10.1     Structured ecosystem monitoring programs
      10.2     Effective sample size for fish bycatch monitoring in the krill fishery
      11     Future work
      12     Other business
      13     Advice to the Scientific Committee
      14     Adoption of report and close of meeting