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    Taller sobre la determinación de la edad de los peces
    Moscú, URSS
    Fecha y hora del inicio de la reunión:
    Fecha y hora del fin de la reunión:
    Plazo de presentación
    lunes, 30 junio, 1986 - 00:00 Australia/Hobart (Documento de grupo de trabajo)


      Número de documento Nombre Punto(s) de la agenda
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      Guide to Otoliths
      T. Hecht (South Africa)
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      Techniques used to age Antarctic fish
      R. Coggan and M. White (United Kingdom)
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      Fish ageing a method for decalcifying and sectioning fish otoliths
      L. Barber (Canada), M. White and R. Coggan (United Kingdom)
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      Age of Antarctic fish: Validation of the timing of annuli formation in otoliths and scales
      A.W. North (United Kingdom)
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      Fish ageing an annotated bibliography of recent publications
      M. White (United Kingdom)
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      Informative approaches to ageing Antarctic fishes
      R.L. Radtke and K.T. Hill (USA)
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      Contribution to the early life history of Channichthyidae from the Bransfield Strait and South Georgia
      W. Ślósarczyk (Poland)
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      The study of age determination in filefish Novoclon modestus (Günther) from the ringmark on vertebra
      B.-H. Park and B.-A. Kim (Republic of Korea)
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      Experience of ageing N. rossii using scales from different parts of the body (available in Russian only)
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      Methodical guidelines for collecting and initial processing of ichthyological material in Antarctic waters (in Russian)
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      Rapid method for estimating mean length of Champsocephalus gunnari from a range of age classes (available in Russian only)

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