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    PECHEKER-SIMPA – A tool for fisheries management and ecosystem modeling

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    P. Pruvost, A. Martin, G. Denys and R. Causse
    (In: The Kerguelen Plateau Marine Ecosystem and Fisheries. Duhamel, G. and D. Welsford (Eds), Société Française d’ichtyologie publ. (2011): 259–266)

    Biodiversity studies produce a large amount of data. Few are well-documented, compiled, readily available and easily accessible. The development of a specific database for the Kerguelen Plateau is an important step to provide data and analyses for supporting research and fisheries management.
        SIMPA is a database which covers all data from MNHN scientific expeditions, collections and fisheries from the French Sub-Antarctic Territories. The use of reference tables and standardized computer language procedure open the data to exchange links with other databases like the Global Biodiversity Information System Facility (GBIF) and FishBase.
        The data already integrated into SIMPA provide information on research expeditions from 1874 to present and on fisheries from 1979 to present. The next step is to encode data on the benthic marine invertebrates of the Kerguelen Plateau. This will improve the features of SIMPA, making it a desirable tool for fisheries management and ecosystem modeling in the region.