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    Report on marine debris collected at Cape Shirreff, Livingston Island, during the 1994/95 Antarctic season

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    Delegation of Chile
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    A summarized information on marine debris collected in the beaches of Cape Shirreff, Livingston Island, during the Antarctic season 1994/95 is given.
    Eventhough a complete collection of beach litter at Cape Shirreff was carried out in 1993/94, with a total of 1,754 articles weighing 284.29 kg, during the present survey a total of 2,744 articles with 237.7 kg were obtained, indicating that the problem of marine debris continue. The plastic was the principal item with a 90.3%; followed by glass, 5.0%; metalic pieces, 4.3%; and paper, 0.4%. From the plastic item, those used in fisheries (1,195 articles) rise to 48.2%. Larus dominicanus continue using some plastic fibres found in the area to build their nests, meanwhile two adult females of Arctocephalus gazella were observed with collars; only one of them was possible to be immobilized in order to take off a piece of net off its neck.
    The origin of trade marks has arised up to 26, including 8 new procedences. This means that, besides the persistence of marine debris, activities nearby or inside the Convention area have increased.