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    ASOC evaluation of the CDS

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    The trade in IUU toothfish continues two years after the adoption by CCAMLR of a Catch Documentation Scheme (CDS) for toothfish. Accurate and verifiable data is necessary for the CDS to successfully track the trade in toothfish, gather scientific data on the fishery, and close ports to IUU fish. ASOC is concerned that the CDS lacks a verification procedure, explicit actions to be taken upon discovery of IUU fish, timeframes for submission of documents and data to and from the Flag States and Secretariat, and an enforcement protocol to monitor compliance with CCAMLR’s Conservation Measures. CCAMLR must take action at its 20th meeting to verify the information in Catch Documents by VMS and independent observers, to provide specific direction for removing IUU fish from the market and to impose sanctions against offenders, to establish timeframes for submitting information, to require VMS verification for toothfish taken outside the CCAMLR Area, to prevent Members from registering known IUU vessels, and adopt an enforcement protocol.