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    State of the Antarctic and the Southern Ocean Climate System (SASOCS)

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    The paper is a summary of a detailed review produced for submission to a scientific journal. by the SCAR Scientific Research Programme on Antarctica and the Global Climate System (S. Aoki, P.J. Barrett, N.A.N. Bertler, T. Bracegirdle, D. Bromwich, H. Campbell, G. Casassa, A. N. Garabato, W.B. Lyons, K.A. Maasch, P.A. Mayewski, M.P. Meredith, C. Summerhayes, J. Turner, D. Vaughan, A. Worby, and C. Xiao), For access to the original paper please contact the SCAR Secretariat. This information paper provides a review of the key developments over the past two years in our understanding of physics of Antarctic climate and the role of the Antarctic climate system in the global physical climate system.