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    Observer activities on Japanese krill fishing vessels in the CCAMLR Convention Area

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    CCAMLR-XXVI/BG/41 Rev. 1
    Delegation of Japan
    Point(s) de l'ordre du jour

    Unlike toothfish fishery, IUU fishery is not a serious concern in krill fishery. Although the increase of expected catch of krill notified in recent years has caused concerns among some CCAMLR Members, the actual catch has not increased, or can be described as decreasing, thus there is no urgent management concern related to krill fishery. In addition, CCAMLR XXV agreed “that the priorities for scientific observers (for krill fishery) were to collect data to: (i) compare fishing methods, (ii) determine the level of by-catch of larval finfish, and (iii) better understand the occurrence of warp-strike by seabirds”. Japan believes that the purpose of observer activities for krill fishery can be achieved through voluntary efforts by Members.