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    2020 Ross Sea shelf survey results

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    S. Parker, D. MacGibbon and I. Slypko
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    Nathan Walker (Nouvelle-Zélande)
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    Nathan Walker (Nouvelle-Zélande)
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    The time series of relative abundance and age structure from the Ross Sea shelf survey is an important input to the Ross Sea stock assessment, providing information about year class strength and variability. In 2020, the estimated relative biomass index of toothfish showed an increase, the highest recorded in the survey time series. Biological data and samples were collected from more than 3,000 toothfish and bycatch species. A total of 232 toothfish were tagged and released with a 91% tagging length overlap statistic. Although the catch limit of 45 t was not exceeded, the experimental stratum N could not be sampled. Otoliths collected will be aged for the upcoming stock assessment in 2021.